STALKER Dev Reveals Fear The Wolves – A Battle Royale Game


Currently in the gaming industry the trend of Battle Royale games is going on, as there are many developers who are incorporating the Battle Royale game mode into their games (we recently heard that the most anticipated game of 2018 – Red Dead Redemption 2 is also going to have a Battle Royale mode in the multiplayer portion), which did not have it initially thanks to the all popular PUBG.

Fear The Wolves Announced

Each game has its own way of implementing the game mode and now another Battle Royale game from former STAKLER developer, known as ‘Fear the Wolves’ is in development. The game is being developed by Vostok games.

Much like S.T.A.L.K.E.R the game is set in the radiation filled Chernobyl. The game will feature 100 player gameplay on an open map with Radiation being the key to survival. Along with that STALKER’s constantly changing day-night cycle with weather anomalies will be returning in Fear the Wolves as well.

Fear The Wolves Announced

There has been no official announcement of the game regarding the release date. The game is currently in development and will hit PC as an early access game soon.