Fear the Wolves to Enter Early Access in Late August


Focus Home Interactive and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vets at Vostok Games have announced that their Battle Royale FPS Fear the Wolves will be entering Steam early access later this month.

Fear the Wolves

For those unfamiliar with Fear the Wolves, this isn’t your typical Battle Royale game. Fear the Wolves combines the traditional last man standing gameplay you find in other Battle Royale games with PvE elements, unique radiation, and weather and endgame extraction. Other players are only part of the threat. Watch out for wolves, mutants, and other dangerous hazards. All of this takes place in the decaying ruins of Chernobyl.

Fear the Wolves will enter early access with six weeks of additional development and testing that took place in the closed beta. Vostok Games promises regular, large content patches that will include new maps and modes, weapons, items, mutants, and weather.

An element of Fear the Wolves that reminds me of survival game Miscreated is having to fight off mutants while watching out for other human threats. Fear the Wolves will be available for early access on Steam on August 28 with a release for consoles and PC in 2019.