Felix the Reaper Release Date Revealed


Today saw the streaming of a new episode of Inside Xbox, which gave insight into some games coming out soon. One of the games discussed during the stream was the upcoming puzzle game Felix the Reaper.

During the Inside Xbox presentation, the team behind Felix the Reaper discussed some of the ideas behind the game. For example, the idea of creating a game where you play as a grim reaper dancing came from the fact that several historical paintings depict death dancing. At the end of this segment, the release date for the game came out. Felix the Reaper will be coming to Xbox One very soon, on Oct. 17. Additionally, Felix the Reaper will also be coming to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG on the same day.

Felix the Reaper is a romantic comedy where you play as death himself. This version of the grim reaper decides to try to impress his love with his ability to dance. Gameplay consists of controlling Felix as he’s dancing while shifting the shadows of the world around him. He may enjoy dancing, but Felix still has a job to do. This role means he has to stay in the shadows to sneak around while setting up scenarios to kill his targets. You’ll be able to take on these morbidly comedic puzzles when the game launches in just a few weeks.

You can watch the short behind-the-scenes look at the game from the developers below.