The FFXIV starter edition is free for Twitch Prime subscribers until May


Ever wanted to get yourself into an MMORPG and lose yourself in its world— but don’t want to pay for the game? Well then, Twitch Prime might have you covered.

From today until May, you can grab Final Fantasy 14’s starter edition, without any of its DLC, for absolutely nothing. That means you could try a free trial of Twitch Prime right now and be able to download and play the game from the get-go.

Image via Square Enix

What can you do with the base game, though? Well, for starters, any character you have will be level locked to 50 and you will only be able to play all the content available from the start of the game until the beginning of its first expansion, Heavensword.

Twitch Prime users will also get 30 days of free play time, but then you will have to pay for the monthly subscription charge. So just remember, if you are looking to get into the game for the long term, you are going to have to invest some of your own cash eventually.

The starter edition that is being given away is usually around $20, so you could always invest that $20 into additional monthly subscriptions if you find out you like what the game has to offer after the initial 30 day run. The game costs $12.99 a month to play for one character or $14.99 if you plan on using multiple.