Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Gets Patched

The original Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One has received a patch that fixes an audio issue and other bugs.

There has been plenty of news lately centering on Final Fantasy VII. The original VII and other classic Final Fantasy games were recently released on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The most recent Sony State of Play finally showcased a new teaser for the long-awaited remake of FF VII. The teaser has drawn interest back into the classic game.

With that said, apparently Final Fantasy VII on the Switch and Xbox One had an audio issue. After the end of each battle, the background music will automatically restart. The game has been out on these consoles for two months now, so it didn’t seem like Square Enix would fix it, especially since it such a relatively small issue.

Surprisingly, the company just released a patched that did fix that issue. The music will no longer restart at the end of every battle. The patch also fixed other minor bugs, though Square Enix does not specify what some of those other bugs are.

It’s nice to see Square Enix fixing problems with the original Final Fantasy VII on modern consoles. Despite being over twenty years old, FF VII remains just as relevant now as has been since it first released. With more news of the remake still on the horizon, it was probably Square’s best interest to keep updating the original VII on newer consoles. The patch may have come out two months after the initial release, but better late than never.

More news on the Final Fantasy VII Remake is expected to come this June, around E3. Check up our piece on what we expect to see of the remake in E3.