New glimpse at Final Fantasy VII Remake appears to reveal Air Buster boss fight


Information surrounding the hotly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake has been scarce, but an inadvertent leak has given fans a new look at the game.

A new image on the job recruitment page for Japanese Square Enix studio Business Division 1 appears to show a spoiler for an integral boss fight from the first game—the Air Buster encounter. 

A photo of development lead Naoki Hamaguchi sitting at his PC facing the camera appears to show off an image of a new Air Buster boss fight in the new game engine. You can barely make it out, but that’s certainly what it looks like. Of course, there’s no acknowledgement or fanfare behind the image, but fans are excited to see a new image of something familiar that should be coming to the game. 

Image via Square Enix

The Air Buster boss fight originally occurred in the No. 5 Reactor not too far into Final Fantasy VII, as players try to blow the reactor sky high. As you’re leaving the reactor, you’ll be thrown into the boss battle. Air Buster has 1,200 HP and you get a measly Titan Bangle for defeating it—though it’s a pretty simple battle, to be fair. It’s susceptible to damage from the Lightning Materia, though we have no idea just yet if any of that will remain true for the new game. 

As far as the rest of the game’s details go, we’re still waiting around for additional information on the remake. Hopefully we’ll hear something a little more about the game when E3 rolls around. 

H/T ResetEra