Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Avengers Project Not Releasing By March 2020


It looks like some of the biggest games at Square Enix are not releasing as soon as you might’ve been anticipating.

After the latest State of Play, where Final Fantasy VII Remake was shown after ages, it looked like the publisher and developer was about to release it, especially considering that a proper reveal will happen in June at E3 2019.

Anyway, things are not going that way, considering that for the incoming fiscal year 2020 the company is not planning on getting an increase in operating income.

The forecast for FY2020 has even been reduced in comparison with the previous fiscal year, and the mid-term target for FY2021 is the same as last year’s forecast for FY2020.

It’s a bit complicated as you can see, but it’s basically a confirm that Final Fantasy VII Remake, nor any other major Square Enix games like The Avengers Project, is releasing by the end of the fiscal year 2020.

The Avengers Project is even more mysterious, if possible, since there was a teaser a couple of years ago and then nothing. We know it’s a multi-title project and that the first game is in the making at Crystal Dynamics.

That was not something I was anticipating, but with Square Enix releasing Kingdom Hearts III in January 2019 there was a chance Final Fantasy VII Remake was going the same path.

With this forecast in mind, anyway, the release won’t happen until April 2020 at the earliest, so it’s easy to state that the Remake could have the same window as Final Fantasy XV, which released in November, in case it manages to drop in 2020.