Check out this Final Fantasy VII Remake vs. Original intro and train sequence comparison

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Leaks Showing Long Gameplay, Comparisons

A Final Fantasy VII Remake demo has been briefly spotted on PlayStation Network, before getting removed—it was apparently released by mistake. It was enough for someone to download it and share videos on YouTube, though, covering the intro cinematic, and more.

The three videos shared by YouTube users LM V2 and Lystrasza offer around 30 minutes of gameplay grabbed from the demo, which has yet to be officially released to the general public. The videos cover the cinematic prologue and very early gameplay from the train station you reach as soon as you get into Midgar.

Reddit user asura1958 compared the original game with the videos that appeared on YouTube. In particular, the intro scene where you get to watch over the entire Midgar from above shows the advancements done since 1997.

The train station scene also unlocks the full potential of the place and iconic characters such as Cloud reaching the location with a complete set of moves instead of straightforward 3D models.

While we don’t have a release date for the demo, we do have a release date for the full game, which is coming March 3, 2020. A second act in the Final Fantasy VII Remake project is already in the making and should be coming in a couple of years. The first is launching exclusively for PlayStation 4, at least until March 2021.