FFVII Remake Producer Says Development Progress Going Smooth, Shy Away From Sharing Release Date


Producer Yoshinori Kitase shared some insight through an interview on Final Fantasy VII remake. The interview was published in Famitsu, a weekly Japanese magazine. He did not share much, but he mentioned the development is going well. This PS4 exclusive action role-playing games release date is not yet announced. There was the demand of this game before, but for various reasons, the project was on hold.

FFVII Remake

Final Fantasy VII will recap the story of Cloud Strife, who is fighting against a corrupt mega-corporation. Tetsuya Nomura came back to direct and handle the characters design and for the script, Kazushige Nojima took the place. According to the produce, the development is going smoothly. Final Fantasy VII was rumored to be in development since 2014, yet the game did not come out with any updates.

The remake was officially announced in Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 during the PS conference. And still, there was not much info about the game release, the info shared by the producer just indicate that the development is going smooth, yet there was no info when it is going to get finished. The only thing we know officially about Final Fantasy VII Remake release is that the game will be released in Episodic format i.e. Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode 1 and then a few months later Episode 2 and so on.

In short, things are still not clear, the next update (official information reveal) coming on the game might possibly take place at Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition – Farewell Story. The event is going to take place between January 22 and will end at Feb 28 at Mori Art Gallery in the Roppongi Hills Complex (Tokyo).

The event will showcase the thirty years of journey of Final Fantasy series, there will be many farewells, which will be synced with the voice augmented reality system that will be given to every visitor. Final Fantasy VII also has a place here, where visitors will be able to see the fresh content of this game.

Source: Dualshockers.com