Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Coming “In The Near Future”, says Square Enix


According to a series of statements from the development team, it looks like there’s a chance that we’ll be watching more gameplay from Final Fantasy VII Remake pretty soon.

The statements came from Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi from Square Enix, during a recent event held in Japan in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary from the release of the original title.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay In The Near Future

Based on a translation of the statements, we get to learn that the development of the game is proceeding “very very smoothly,” and that, now that the process is being handled completely in-house, we’re not that far from seeing more of it.

“Hamaguchi goes on, after Nomura leaves, to comment on the long drought of info since the first trailers, and apologizes. He goes on to say that the project has moved completely in-house, and is again, progressing very smoothly,” says the translation from the guys at Lifestream forums.

“At the current point they’re at the stage where they’re basically cramming a bunch of stuff into the game, but once they hit the stage of polishing up the look of things and can deliver something with sufficiently high quality, they will be releasing the new footage. He anticipates this will be in the near future due to how smoothly things are progressing.”

Looking at how things are said to be ramping up, so, there’s a possibility of gameplay coming as soon as E3 2018, where Square Enix has coincidentally planned a media briefing for the first time after a couple years.