Final Fantasy VII Remake Shown Off | E3 2019


At today’s Square Enix’s E3 Conference, the company showed off more footage of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Remake first came up during E3 2015. Four years later, on the day before Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference, the company released a new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake at an orchestra event. The new trailer finally revealed the release date for the game, which will be March 3, 2020.

Square Enix’s E3 2019 conference started with the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, went on stage to talk about the game. Through a translator, he reveals the game will have enough content for two Blu-ray discs, with the first part focusing on Midgard. According to the translator, the re-imagine Midgard is so elaborate and full of content that it can function as its own separate game.

Soon later, Neal Pabon, the Senior Manager for the Final Fantasy VIII Remake, went on stage to talk more about the game. He talks about the game’s combat, discussing the mechanics of the gameplay. He shows off more footage of the game while discussing other features of the remake.

Afterward, Square Enix showed new footage of Cloud and Barret facing against the very first boss in the game, Scorpion Sentinel. The footage shows off more of the combat, and also shows Cloud and Barret verbally talking to each other. They both throw insults at one and another.

The Final Fantasy VII part of the conference ends with a new trailer and the reveal that a demo for the game will be available to attendees at E3.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is expected to release on the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.