Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets New Co-Director


As spotted by eagled eyed fans, Square Enix has just updated its official website’s Final Fantasy VII Remake recruitment page.

While it’s not including any new element on the game, we learn that the developer has changed the structure of the development team.

Indeed, the title has a new co-director, Naoki Hamaguchi, while he was previously serving on the game as the project leader.

The co-director will work together with previously sole and main director Tetsuya Nomura, similarly to Tai Yasue on Kingdom Hearts III.

Hamaguchi has started to work on the series with Final Fantasy XII, in the visual effects department, and then was the lead event programmer for Final Fantasy XIII, lead application programmer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and main programmer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

He also served as the project leader for Mobius Final Fantasy. So, we can easily say this is the most important role in his entire career.

Hopefully, he’ll help the project shape up properly and actually release in one year or so.