A New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Has Been Released


It’s incredible to me that it’s been nearly four years since Square Enix announced they would be making one of the most beloved games of all time in Final Fantasy VII. Almost as amazing is the fact that they’re going to do it episodically but it doesn’t seem to matter to the fans as all we’ve been crying out for since it was acknowledged was as much info as we can get.

There have been a few trailers since the first one debuted at E3 in 2015, and they’ve all scratched that Final Fantasy itch that the loyal fanbase has had since day one and today’s new trailer for the TGS is no different.

Over on the Square Enix site at 3 pm BST, a brand new feast for the eyes was unleashed upon the world, and it’s beautiful.

It doesn’t add anything that the others on offer haven’t already shown, though the appearance of the Turks and the first real sight of a summon’s spell likely to get pulses racing. However, it’s the first one that comes with no disclaimer about it being a work in progress and subject to change, which leads me to believe that it’s the finished article we’re finally viewing.

It looks stunning, as have the others, and the combat doesn’t seem to have changed from the E3 2019 gameplay reveal which means that it flows fluidly from cutscene to controllable character to actual fight. There also appears to be some mini-games included as well. As I don’t speak Japanese and there aren’t any subtitles attached to the video I think that the ones here are to do with your visit to Dio’s casino, The Gold Saucer, though I could be wrong.

Whatever is going on, as I said I don’t speak Japanese, it’s the perfect hype video and fills you with unbridled anticipation for its eventual release.

March 3rd, 2020, can’t come quickly enough as far as I’m concerned.