Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Watchmen Of Fate, Tifa Design, New Events, Honey Bee Inn


When the Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on March 3, 2020, it’s going to include a variety of game mechanics from the original game, including brand new ones to give it a modern twist. Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director and character designer, detailed several of these upcoming changes in a recent interview with the magazine, Famitsu. Nomura told Famitsu that there will be “countless events,” that are going to make Midgar worth exploring for an entire title despite being just a tiny portion of the original.

Nomura descirbed how Square Enix was taking some additional freedoms in crafting their big remake. Although, they still want to remain truthful to the original. The developers are planning to bring several older game mechanics, but they want to make them feel fresh and modern.

“The Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing event is still in,” Nomura told Famitsu. “We’ve made it more modern. If we made the facility like we did in the original game, the physical unease would be staggering, so that was no good.”

As for the overall plot, Nomura commented by saying, “there are quite a few additions. While the main story itself hasn’t changed, there are a countless number of new events,” and that we’ll see something totally new. For example, the Watchmen of Fate, the black mist you can see in the E3 2019 trailer, and there are “mysterious beings that are going to appear before the party wherever they go. I hope that even those who have played the original game will enjoy the new elements.”

Additionally, there are “a few new enemies” that are going to appear in the remade areas. When it comes to the main characters for matters of redesign, Tifa, who was recently revealed at this year’s E3, the studio took some extra time with her. Now, she’s going to include, “abs, so she has an athletic body type. The ethics department at Square Enix also told us that we had to tighten her chest as not to get unnatural during all the intense action.”

We also learned that each playable character has different enemy affinities, similarly to what happens in Persona 5, and MP won’t recover on their own but will require a specific item.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing on March 3, 2020, for PS4, and the remake as a whole will include release in the form of episodes at unspecified dates.