Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox Post Was An Internal Mistake


Yesterday Xbox One owners were excited due to a fast deleted marketing post, that showed the Final Fantasy VII Remake was coming there way. A simultaneous launch with the PlayStation 4, no less. Leaks are relatively common in the industry so many had already decided, before the official word, that this was all but confirmed.

However, Maxi Gräff, the marketing communications & social lead at Xbox Germany has since explained on her Twitter account (via Gamespot) that it was an “internal mistake in the Social Team,” and has apologised for hurting anybody’s feelings. Gräff went on to briefly explain how the mistake happened and assured people that it wouldn’t happen again.

These statements all seem quite frank. Your opinion on their validity may vary, but it looks like simple human error.

While your hopes for an Xbox One port may be dashed, there’s always hope for the future. FFVII Remake is an episodic release, and as 2020 appears to be both consoles final year, it would be expected for all future episodes to be released on next-generation hardware.

Whether these episodes will remain a PlayStation exclusive is yet to be confirmed, but as recent and successful Square Enix “exclusives” have eventually made the port over, (Tomb Raider, NieR: Automata) Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC and Microsoft’s next box is well within the realm of possibilities.

Watch this space.