New Final Fantasy VII Remake Teaser Trailer Revaled, More Information Coming In June 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The PlayStation State of Play shows a new teaser trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Final Fantasy VII remake was first revealed back in E3 2015, after years of fan demand. Only a scarce few footages have been shown of the game since its announcement though.

In today’s State of Play, Sony has unveiled a new teaser for the Final Fantasy VII remake. The teaser shows off more gameplay footage, most of it centering on the very early parts of the game.

We see more of the first mission in the game, including seeing enemies from the original game in the Unreal engine. The Guard Scorpion, the first boss of the game, even makes a cameo appearance. We see more of Cloud and Barret fighting. Cloud is shown using his classic Cross-Slash Limit Break against one of the enemies.

The gameplay looks more align to Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts than it does to the original Final Fantasy VII game. The FF VII Remake appears to be more action orientated rather than being a classic turn-based RPG.

Possibly the most important thing to come from this teaser trailer is the reveal of Aerith and Sephiroth in the game. The teaser recreates the opening scene of the original Final Fantasy VII with Aerith in the alleyway. We later see the scene of Aerith first meeting Cloud after the first mission, and her handing him a flower.

There’s also a few seconds of gameplay of Aerith fighting some monsters with her staff.

Sephiroth’s voice can be heard briefly at the end of the trailer, and we see him from behind as he confronts Cloud. The interesting thing about Sephiroth is that the teaser focuses primarily with the opening moments of the game. Sephiroth does not make his presence known until later in the original game.

My theory is that the Sephiroth in the teaser is actually Cloud’s imagination, and he isn’t really there. Too much of the story will change if he appears that early.

The trailer ends with a tease that more will be revealed in June. The reveal date is most likely referring to E3 or the Final Fantasy VII concert that’s happening around that time. Square Enix did promise something big for this year’s E3.

Square Enix’s E3 2019 Conference will begin June 10, around 6 PM PST/9 PM EST.