Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier closed beta dates confirmed

The beta is live in early June in both the US and Japan.

Screenshot from Square Enix

The dates for the closed beta test for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier have been confirmed by Square Enix. The dates were revealed during a video presentation on the game today. While the video is entirely in Japanese, websites with reliable translations such as Siliconera have acquired the dates from the information given and gameplay shown.

The details for the closed beta in both the U.S. and Japan are set for early June. In the U.S., the beta will run from June 1 to 7 for Android devices only, while in Japan, it will run from June 1 to 8 across both Android and iOS devices. Anyone that wants to sign up for a chance to participate in the beta can do so through the following links.

It looks like there’s no limit on the number of participants in the U.S., but in Japan, the participant numbers are limited to 10,000 on iOS devices and 10,000 on Android devices.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is the action battle royale game infused with RPG elements that takes players back to the beginning of the SOLDIER project with Shinra. Spells, weapons, and special abilities are required to defeat your opponents, as well as the monsters that spawn in the field and emerge as the victor in what seems to be a unique twist on the well-trodden genre.