Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered Will Get a Physical Release On Nintendo Switch Overseas


Ever since they came out for Nintendo Switch, both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered have been big sellers. But some fans like to do the physical collecting thing and wondered if Square Enix would ever put them together for a collection. Well, good news – they are!

The publisher announced that the Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered “Twin Pack” will find a release in Asia in 2019. And what’s more, it will have both English and Japanese language options, making it perfectly friendly for importing.

A release date isn’t available just yet, but pre-orders for the two-pack should open fairly soon.

Square Enix has become known for releasing all its classic Final Fantasy games physically overseas, including a Final Fantasy X/X2 collection that features both games on cartridge. It’s also supplied a few here in the U.S., though some are limited to download, like Final Fantasy X2. As a result, some fans have gone through ordering overseas to get the games, which have the “best” versions.

There’s no word yet if Square Enix will consider a physical release of the classic Final Fantasy games here. But there are a few fans out there that wouldn’t mind adding them to their collection. Check out the official cover art below, posted by Gematsu.

Final Fantasy VII VIII Box Art