Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.0 notes: new areas, quests and job quests


With the Shadowbringer’s release just over the horizon, Square Enix released it’s preliminary patch notes for patch 5.0 expected to coincide with the awaited Final Fantasy XIV expansion.

The Patch 5.0 includes new areas, quests and job quests, and Aetheryte locations.

The new areas include the two city hubs areas the Crystarium and Elmore, and new field areas: Lakeland, Kholusia, Amh Araeng, II Mheg. And the Rak’tika Greatwood. One of the city areas and field areas will include two Aetheryte locations for ease of access.

The new main scenario quests for Shadowbringers will be released as expected, including, Job quests and side story quests. The side story quests for patch 5.0 will come with a level adjust system called quest sync that automatically adjusts the difficulty and exp reward to be relative to your classes’ level.

Disciple of War or Magic will see new role quests added for levels 70 to 80, and new job quests are available after completing both the final main scenario quest and the respective classes’ role quest line.

The new Crystarium Deliveries will be available for Disciples of Hand or Land and serve as a new quest line of custom deliveries.

Further adjustments and additions with Patch 5.0 will include: Two new races Hrothgar and Viera new Leve quests for the Disciples of Hand or Land, changes to Tradecraft and Fieldcraft level quests, new Fates added to new field areas, adjustments to Treasure Hunt and adjustments to Grand and Free Companies.

Further information may be found on the patch notes, on the Lodestone page of the Square Enix website.