Final Fantasy XIV Reportedly In Development For PS5


PS5 is still around a year away from the release window, but developers around the world have started to work on the dev kits to ship their games as fast as possible and as close as possible to that date. Square Enix is among one of those developers and publishers, and they have been a sort of partner of Sony.

It looks like director Naoki Yoshida might have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV might be in development for PlayStation 5, according to the details shared by the Final Fantasy UK Fans Twitter account.

We can’t confirm nor verify the information as the event was not for the press, and the only source for the news is fans attending the event, but it looks like that the MMORPG could be already in the making for the next-generation PlayStation console.

“The Dev’s (sic) are hard at work on FFXIV on PS5,” shared the Twitter account, without adding further information. From what we know, PlayStation 5 is set to be backwards compatible, so it might be that Square Enix could be working on improvements tailored explicitly on the console rather than a brand new version of the game.

Also, with the promise of the cross-platform game coming from Sony, it’s clear that no one would be left behind as you would have one single pool of players for both the PS4 and PS5. It’s an excellent opportunity for the title to keep growing, similar to what would happen if it would happen to release on Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett, as hinted at during the X019 by Phil Spencer.