Final Fantasy XV Dev Working On New AAA IP

With Final Fantasy XV ending its post-release cycle with Episode Ardyn this week, it’s clear that fans are eager to learn what’s next for its developer.

Luminous Productions, the new studio founded by game director Hajime Tabata (now indie) and Square Enix, is indeed on its next journey yet.

That journey will eventually lead to a brand new intellectual property which will have the usual value you’d expect from a triple-A game.

“The team that created ‘FF15’ wants to create a new triple-A title that is not an existing IP, it is why Luminous Productions was born,” says Takeshi Terada, director of the FFXV DLC.

“I cannot talk about the details, but like ‘FF15,’ I will create a game based on a new world drawn with high quality, high end. Please be assured that the next project is already in motion.”

Now, it’ll remain to be seen what’s next for Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the making at the team led by Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase, and then we’ll see what they’ll embark on, but there’s a chance Final Fantasy XVI will be coming from them.

Luminous will be building a new AAA IP, that’s something entirely new, and we’re very curious to discover what it’ll be about.