Final Fantasy XV director and team are working on a new unnamed project


Final Fantasy XV was a massive game with a ton of post-game content that’s still continuing to roll out, especially with the Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition on its way. But it seems the team, including director Hajime Tabata, has already jumped on a brand new project that’s yet to be assigned a name. In an interview with SBS, Tabata discussed the project at length, including future plans for the series and one potentially surprising spinoff idea. 

In the interview, Tabata stated that the team was currently focusing on a new game that would continue to explore the possibilities of both AI and procedural design, both facets that new games continue to expand upon in various ways. 

“We are now aware that an entirely different development process is going to be required for a large scale global development project,” Tabata said. The project, however, will begin with Final Fantasy XV acting as a springboard for the new game. 

“All these elements that we acquired from Final Fantasy XV will form the basis of what we will apply in our next project; which I believe will be a game that only we – with this foundation to draw upon – would be able to accomplish,” Tabata explained. 

But perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was Tabata’s statement about a potential Final Fantasy XV spin-off, particularly an all-female “road trip.” Tabata was receptive to the idea, stating that he would “definitely consider it.” It would be amazing, but only if Cindy gets to come along, right?

It’s great to hear that there’s something new in the works, but let’s be real for a moment. Cindy starring in an all-female Final Fantasy road trip would totally slay. Let’s hope there’s a possibility of that happening in the future. Who’s with me?