Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Listed For Nintendo Switch Through GameStop TV


For the longest time, Nintendo Switch fans have been wondering if Final Fantasy XV will head to the hybrid console. And fans are left scratching their heads once again after GameStop TV ran a promotional video listing Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for Nintendo Switch.

The listing first popped up online after one shopper posted a photo from a local store, showing the game’s upcoming Royal Edition for “PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.” Check out the tweet below.

It’s important to note that Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition hasn’t been confirmed yet for Nintendo Switch. In fact, there’s been no official news on the game coming to Switch beyond Square Enix’s developers expressing interest, and with the Royal Edition of the game coming out next week, dropping the Switch version at such short notice doesn’t make as much sense as building hype for the game before launch.

“This just seems like a mistake by whoever created the video, happens semi-regularly,” Switch Player Magazine’s Ryan Brown pointed out over Twitter. “Don’t read too much into it.”

Mistake or not, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition both launch on March 6 next week. To celebrate the latter’s occasion, both Steam and Origin let players cosplay as Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman and obtain The Sims 4-inspired outfits if they buy the game digitally, respectively.

H/T r/NintendoSwitch