Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is launching this March


Final Fantasy XV has been out in the wild since 2016, so it was pretty surprising to see the ESRB rate what looked like a new version of the game called Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition just a week ago.

The general consensus was that, based on the game’s subtitle, it must have been an expansion or “complete” version of the game that would soon be announced.

Now, Square Enix has officially confirmed Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, which is launching the same day as Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam, Origin, and Windows 10. 

On March 6, you’ll be able to nab Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with the base game and 20 game add-ons in addition to a new, expanded map with additional enemies, side quests and a newly-introduced first-person camera mode. The Insomnia City ruins will include enemies like Cerberus and Omega, as well as the Rulers of Yore as optional side-bosses. You can explore the expanded world in your Royal Vessel boat, where you can also fish on board. 

In addition to the goodies obtained via downloadable content and expansions, there’s a new accessory in-game that lets you use the action “Armiger Unleashed.” You can use Noctis’s Royal Arms in a new way to take out enemies even quicker, once you’ve collected a specific number of prerequisite items. 

The new content comes in a new box with artwork designed by famed Final Fantasy character designer himself Yoshitaka Amano, if you choose to buy the entire package. If you already own the game and want some of the additional content, you can buy the Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack for $19.99 on the same day that includes all DLC and other goodies in the Royal Edition for a fraction of the price so you’re not buying it all again. 

As far as the PC version goes, you’re going to need over 100 GB free on your PC, and over 155 GB for 4K content. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space if you’re planning on playing on your computer. It’s going to need quite a bit of room, but for a game of this size, that’s pretty well expected.