You can cosplay as Gordon Freeman in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition


Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is launching in a week, and it’s going to come to Steam with some pretty surprising bonuses. Did you ever think you’d see Gordon Freeman in a Final Fantasy game? Looks like that’s about to happen with the addition of extra costumes that let you dress up just like the Half-Life protagonist. 

The Half-Life pack that grants this awesome set of costume pieces is up for grabs as a free bonus for anyone who buys Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition via Steam before May 1. You can dress up Noctis like the iconic character or use the costume pieces to dress up your Final Fantasy XV: Comrades multiplayer character like Mr. Freeman. In addition to the Gordon costume, you also get a selection of shirts and other wearable goodies, but none could ever possibly be as cool as a veritable Half-Life cosplay costume. 

If you purchase the game from the Microsoft Store, your selection of bonus items is decidedly less exciting, with Phoenix Downs and Elixirs up for grabs as well as a sword for your trouble. Your save data will also work with the Xbox One version of the game, so that’s another plus. Finally, if you grab the game via Origin, you get a special set of car decals by preordering ahead of Mar. 6. 

You can check out Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s demo that drops on Feb. 26 to try the first chapter, and from there you’ll have to make a decision on which platform is better for you. Remember: Gordon Freeman. Decision made.