The last Sea of Thieves open beta goes live today until March 11


Rare is giving players one final chance to try out Sea of Thieves before its official release on March 20 with an open beta beginning today.

The beta is live from now until March 11 and adds a bunch of new quests and features that no other beta has yet had.

Alongside the regular exploration and Gold Hoarders quests, beta players will be able to try out missions from the Merchant Alliance. These quests task the player with gathering specific items, animals, or loot from multiple islands. The player then needs to deliver these items to a different island as quickly as possible while avoiding other players who might try to pillage their loot.

As well as the Merchant Alliance, players will now be able to take on Skeleton Forts throughout the world. These forts are indicated by a hovering skull cloud over a particular location and give players the chance to team up on mini raid-like quests to score big treasure.

The beta is available for players on PC and Xbox One. It has also added Xbox One X enhancements to the game, so players can finally try out the game in full 4K output.