Nintendo reveals details for the second Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack


Fire Emblem Warriors second DLC pack will be released Feb. 14, bringing with it a bunch of new skills, maps, and costumes.

Fans will gain access to three new characters from the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon series including Linde, Navarra, and Minerva. Each will come with unique skills, weapons and support conversations.

New costumes for characters from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, such as Marth, Caeda, and Tiki will also be available, as well as a new costume based around Lyn’s Swordmaster look.

Three new iconic history maps for players to venture on from the Shadow Dragon series, including Princess Minerva’s Map, Knorda Market, and the Brush in the Teeth map will also be accessible.

The level cap for each character will be boosted to 130, meaning fans can sink more time into their favorite characters once again.

The second DLC pack is part of the Fire Emblem Warriors season pass which comes with three DLC packs in total. The season pass costs $19.99 and comes with every piece of DLC for the game including an exclusive wedding costumes for Lucina.