Fire Emblem Heroes welcomes three new characters

Nintendo is making sure it’s keeping its mobile gaming fans happy, with additions here and there, and its Fire Emblem-focused title isn’t any exception. Fire Emblem Heroes is still chugging along with several additional updates here and there every other month or so. The latest content drop comes in the form of three new heroes you can start trying to collect: Kana, Shigure, and Hinoka. 

All three are scheduled to hit Fire Emblem Heroes tomorrow.

First up is Kana the Dragon Princess, who coms with a set of special abilities including Water Breath, Draconic Aura, Fierce Stance, and Goad Dragons. Water Breath packs an additional punch to Def/Res with +4 added to your totals during combat if your foe starts the fight. Draconic Aura boosts your Atk rating by 30 percent. Fierce Stance gives you Atk +6 in combat if your foe starts the fight, and Goad Dragons gives you a +4 bonus to Atk/Spd to all dragon allies near you in the span of two spaces. 

Next up is Shigure, the Uplifting Artist. Shigure’s Harmonic Lance, Noontime, Darting Stance, and Ward Fliers are pretty useful if you’re out on the battlefield as well. Harmonic Lance gives you 10+ damage when your Special is triggered. Noontime restores your HP up to 30 percent of your damage dealt. Darting Stance gives you Spd +6 in combat if your enemy begins combat. Finally, Ward Fliers gives you Def/Res +4 to any flying allies within two spaces. 

Hinoka is the Blue Sky Warrior, and she has the skills Warrior Princess, Luna, Flier Formation 3, and Flier Guidance 3. Warrior Princess is effective against both armored and flying enemies, granting Spd +3 to Hinoka and Atk +3 to allies within 2 spaces. Luna reduces your enemies’ Def/Res by 50 percent during combat. Flier Formation 3 lets you move your unit to a space near a flying ally within 2 spaces, and Flier Guidance 2 lets flying allies within 2 spaces move to a space near your unit. 

In addition to the new characters and skills, you’ll also be able to try out a new story chapter called “Rite of Frost.” There’s a decent chunk of content to wade through here, so if you’ve been looking for a reason to go back to the game, this should do it.