Fire Emblem Heroes welcomes ‘World of Dawn’ heroes


Mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes has introduced three additional characters to the game, all from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The characters come in tandem with a brand new story chapter as well: “Guided by a Dream,” which you can start playing right away. 

The new characters include Zelgius, Sothe, and Micaiah from Radiant Dawn, which originally appeared on the Wii. It was a sequel to the GameCube game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, which released in 2007. 

Micaiah was the main character, though the supporting cast added with her as part of the DLC drop played important roles in the grand scheme of things as well. If you enjoyed Radiant Dawn, you’ll want to snap these heroes up if at all possible and run through the “Guided by a Dream” expansion for some much-needed additional narrative bits where Fire Emblem Heroes tends to shine. 

Fire Emblem Heroes continues to add new heroes and other goodies on a fairly regular basis, with the second mobile game from Nintendo enjoying a large fan base and plenty of players who are still willing to wager real money to summon their favorite heroes. If you haven’t played it and value a full wallet, perhaps it’s best to stay away.