Fire Emblem Three Houses Supports Online Functionality and Amiibo Support


It’s come to light that Fire Emblem Three Houses is going to have online functionality in its game, along with Amiibo support. The leaked details come from a picture of the back of the Japanese download code card, already available.

Here’s the picture of the download card.

Fire Emblem Houses Download Code

The top portion of the download code shows the red outline of the “online” status on the upper part. Additionally, barely below that on the left side of the download code, it shows the “Amiibo” icon, indicating specific Amiibos are going to add new gameplay mechanics to Fire Emblem Three Houses.

As of right now, it’s unknown what these two features are going to bring to the game. Multiplayer could introduce a new game mode to players, where two people have the opportunity to face off against each other in a straight duel. We’re probably going to learn these details a few weeks before the game launches on July 26.

Beyond these two features, players also get a heads up of the game’s 11.9 GB download requirement. The download size should serve as a good indicator of how big the game is going to be when it launches. Players who have already pre-ordered the game should expect to have the chance to pre-load it a few nights before it launches.

Fire Emblem Three Houses comes to the Nintendo Switch on July 26. For those interested in reserving their copy, make sure to grab yours here.