Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Three House Main Themes Song Revealed

Nintendo reveals the new main theme for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The box art for the game was also unveiled a few days earlier.

Fire Emblem was once a Japanese exclusive title for Nintendo, and has now rose to be one of the premier Nintendo titles. The mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes, has just recently been revealed as having accumulated around half a billion dollars worldwide.

A new mainline Fire Emblem game on the Nintendo Switch was teased way back in 2017, during that year’s January Direct. Fire Emblem: Three Houses was officially announced at E3 2018, during Nintendo’s conference. The original release date for Three Houses was going to be for spring of 2019, but was eventually pushed to July 26 for a worldwide release.

Three Houses takes place in a continent that used to be ravage by wars between the three rivals nations. The nations are now at peace, and they are now the three main houses of the land. Player takes control of a mercenary who becomes a teacher for a military school. The player can decide which house they want to teach for, and volunteer for missions.

Nintendo of America on Twitter

?? Turn your sound up to hear the main theme song from #FireEmblem: Three Houses! You’ll be able to listen to this song and even more memorable tracks when the game launches for #NintendoSwitch on July 26th.

On the official Nintendo Twitter accounts, the company has unveiled the new main theme song for Three Houses. The song is vocalized, which is a common motif within the franchise. The song as released by Nintendo of America on Twitter is in English. Fire Emblem has previously done major songs in both English and Japanese. Personally, I find the song catchy and remind me of an anime opening.

Last Friday, Nintendo also made public of the official Fire Emblem: Three Houses box art. The box art showcases the heads of the titular three houses, and the playable avatar is below in the middle. The school where the avatar teaches is in the background as well.

Nintendo of America on Twitter

Check out the #FireEmblem: Three Houses box art featuring House Leaders Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude! Which house will you choose when the game launches for #NintendoSwitch on July 26th? ⚔️

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is expected to release worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on July 26.