Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Update Available Now | Lead Voice Actor Finally Replaced


A new update for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now available to download. The new update includes a new difficulty mode and the replacement for the lead character’s voice actor.

On September 10, Fire Emblem: Three Houses received the version 1.0.2 update. The new updates incorporate several new features, with one noticeable new contribution being the replacement for male Byleth’s voice actor.

Byleth is the default name for the male avatar in the game; the avatar in the game can either be male or female. Male Byleth was initially voiced by Chris Niosi, an actor and animator with an online personality. A few months ago, Niosi confessed to abusing and mistreating several of his friends and partners over the years.

Nintendo quickly responded, announcing that they plan to replace Niosi’s performance in the game with another actor in a future patch. In the mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, male Byleth is already not voiced by Niosi. Instead, he is voiced by actor Zach Aguila. Aguila is Byleth’s new voice actor after version 1.0.2.

Other notable updates in version 1.0.2 are the implantation of a new difficulty mode. The new difficulty mode is called Maddening and clearing Maddening without selecting New Game + will change the title screen.

The update increases the amount renown that players can get in New Game +, as well as fix several bugs. The second wave of DLC in the Expansion Pass is also included in version 1.0.2 meaning players who purchased the DLC should be able to download this new pass.

To look up all the new features included in version 1.0.2, head over to Nintendo’s support page.