Grab Fire Emblem Awakening heroes in Fire Emblem Warriors later this month


Koei Tecmo’s Fire Emblem Warriors is getting a hefty DLC pack in the form of the Awakening DLC pack, which is due out for release on March 29.

The DLC is coming out at the same time as a new game update, and it will contain three additional characters with a set of new costumes as well as new history maps. You can now add Owain, Olivia, and Tharja to your hero collection if you pick up the Awakening DLC, which should be great news for hardcore fans.

Each character has a special ability, which should help you turn the tides of battle back into your favor if you find yourself struggling. Owain’s Balanced Resonance gives you a damage boost when you attack enemies based on how small your enemy’s gap between STR and MAG stats are. Tharja’s Destruction Pact gives a damage bonus that’s lower according to how much HP your character has, but it will cause your character to continually lose HP. Finally, Olivia’s Galeforce will replenish your Warrior and Awakening gauges each time you finish off a strong enemy. 

As far as alternative outfits go, Chrom gets the Exalt costume, Lissa gets Sage, Cordelia gets Dark Flier, and there’s a broken armor set for all Awakening characters available to play with in Fire Emblem Warriors. You’all also get three new history maps with exclusive weapon skills and weapons to add to your characters without them already. 

Don’t forget about Update 1.5.0, which is coming with the new ability to record gameplay videos on Switch as well as the level cap being raised from 130 to 150. If you already have the Fire Emblem Warriors season pass, you’ll get all this content for free, or you can pick it up separately if it’s not worth getting the pass for to you.