Fire Pro Wrestling World Releasing On PS4 in Summer 2018


Fire Pro Wrestling World that was launched as Early Access on Steam in July 2017 and later a full edition was released in December 2017 is now scheduled to come on PS4 in 2018. The game was successfully launched on steam before. The availability of Fire Pro Wrestling World on PS4 was announced at Great Pro Wrestling Festival 2018 event at Japan.

Fire Pro Wrestling Release

Spike Chunsoft the developer has announced the update on the game but a final data is not revealed. The game will be releasing somewhere in Summer this year. In the event, the developer also announced its tie-up with New Japan Pro Wresting association. This collaboration will lead to the addition of wrestlers with their real name and looks in Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Fire Pro Wrestling features a timing and strategy based gameplay where you will be in the shoes of a new fighter and you have to make your way all the way to top. There are different modes like Deathmatches, Steel cage fight, Barbed Wire, Landmines, MMA matches, etc.

Fire Pro Wrestling World also has a story mode where players will be playing as a young fighter who will participate in various events in order to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The story mode is work-in-progress, PC users can still go for the game as a full edition was out at the end of last year.