First 10 Minutes Of Detective Pikachu Is On YouTube


The first ten minutes of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu released to the Warner Bros. UK YouTube account.

Right before the theatrical release of Detective Pikachu, a ten-hour long video of the film got released to YouTube. It turned out to be a ten hour-long dance video featuring everyone’s favorite electric rodent with a detective hat.

Today the Warner Bros. UK YouTube released a new video called POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – First 10 Minutes. Unlike the ten-hour long video though, this new video isn’t a troll. It is the first ten minutes of Detective Pikachu on YouTube.

This video isn’t the first time that the Warner Bros. UK YouTube account has released a video like this. The YouTube account had already released the first ten minutes of The LEGO Movie 2 as well.

Joe Merrick from Serebii was one of the first to bring up this video getting uploaded on his Twitter account. He is surprised that Warner Bros. would do something like that.

The first ten minutes covers the beginning of the movie, with Mewtwo being experimented on and breaking out, which leads to a mysterious car crash. The following scene shows the lead character, Tim, with his friend trying to capture a Cubone. He then gets a phone call, and the ten-minute mark ends with Tim arriving at Ryme City.

If you haven’t seen Detective Pikachu yet, but are curious, I recommend you check out the first ten minutes on YouTube. If it interests you, then you can rent/buy the film physically or digitally.