First look at Fallout 76 shows sprawling West Virginia landscape | E3 2018

In-game footage of Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 76 was revealed today at Microsoft’s E3 conference, showing off a beautiful West Virginia landscape and giving a small sneak-peek at what the game’s plot will offer.

Fans of Fallout, one of the most popular long-standing game franchises on the market, have been waiting for Bethesda to show them more of Fallout 76, the newest installment that was teased last month. The reveal today showcased bright fall colors in the forests of West Virginia, as well as horrifying mutated monsters, and, of course, a lone wanderer fully-clad in a Vault suit.

We guessed shortly after the initial teaser last month that the game may take place in West Virginia, since Vault 76 has been mentioned as a West Virginia “control” vault in the franchise’s past installments.

Control vaults were used by Vault-Tec as human observation vaults. In other words, a group of people would live there, Vault-Tec would introduce a change or catalyst to their living environment, and the results would be recorded and studied.

Vault 76’s catalyst was evicting its residents back into the world 20 years after the bombs dropped, with the overall goal of restarting humanity. Judging from the trailer, that seems to be the exact setting of Fallout 76, which means, for all intents and purposes, this is a prequel.

The protagonist, along with the rest of the vault’s residents, will probably be one of the first groups of settlers in the wastes, which means we may witness the upbringing of factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave, and more. We expect Bethesda will reveal more of the game during its own conference at E3 later today.