First Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Footage Showcases a Seedy Underworld with Meaningful Choices

Our first gameplay trailer for Star Wars Outlaws highlights the choices awaiting players and how they deal with the galactic underworld.

Image via Ubisoft Forward YouTube

Yesterday, Star Wars Outlaws was officially announced, and we had our first CGI trailer for the game during the Xbox Showcase 2023 event. Developed by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment, we got our first glimpse of gameplay of this highly-anticipated title, where we see the main character, Kay Vess, navigating the seedy underworld in the galaxy far, far away.

The 10-minute gameplay trailer highlighted a mission where Vess attempted to steal an important item from the notorious Pyke Syndicate. Although the person controlling Vess tried to take a more stealthy approach, things took a turn for the worst and showed off the many consequences and choices players will face when attempting to complete missions in Star Wars Outlaws.

Star Wars Outlaws Offers Various Opportunities for Player Choice

The gameplay trailer is a full walkthrough of a mission Vess completes for an information broker. It was shown as the final game showcased during the Ubisoft Forward June 2023. In the walkthrough, Ves successfully steals the item from the Pyke Syndicate, but not before being spotted and having to shoot her way out of the situation.

Although Vess had the chance to start a fight at any time, the one controlling her tried to use stealth as much as possible before getting caught. One interesting thing during the combat gameplay was that Vess had access to multiple types of pistol modules with the choice to swap between a Stun, Focused, or the standard Blaster, each ideal for a different situation in Star Wars Outlaws.

Another detail was that Nix, Vess’ loyal animal companion, could be instructed to retrieve items from fallen enemies, such as an A300 Blaster Rifle, unleashing it against enemies briefly before tossing it away. Nix might not be BD-1 from the Jedi: Survivor series, but he will be just as helpful and have multiple chances to assist throughout the Star Wars Outlaws campaign.

After the mission, a cutscene played out with an Imperial officer who had been working alongside Vess’ client. The officer threatens Vess, and the person controlling her has the choice to bribe them or not. The person did not offer a bribe, which led to a Wanted rating with the Empire, forcing Vess to take off in her ship and fly off-world to evade the impending Imperial Tie-Fighters.

These types of choices might be relatively common in Outlaws, but we don’t know how regular they’re going to be based on this small amount of gameplay. However, we hope to see it relatively often, and according to the development team, there’s no correct choice to make during these situations, but they do change gameplay. For example, because the guards spotted Vess at the end of the Pyke mission, it lowered her reputation with the Pykes, which means she might not work with Vess in future missions.

We’re curious to see how these choices pan out and how many unique options players can explore as we learn more about the game’s development. Following the first gameplay trailer, we’re looking forward to seeing more and what Massive Entertainment has in store for us in the Star Wars universe.