First World War Z: Aftermath update fixes Rat damage, progression issues, stability, and more

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Image by Saber Interactive

Developers Saber Interactive released a message that lists out patch notes for the first weekly update for its zombie game World War Z: Aftermath. The patch notes touch on several fixes and game mode balancing. The most note-worthy patch note is the fixes coming to the Rat swarm.

The most controversial aspect of Aftermath was the inclusion of Rats as swarm enemies. Many players had trouble getting around the Rats as they were difficult to see and hard to kill. Rats also easily distracted players from the zombies. The week one update will make Rats easier to defeat by having the swarm take more damage from explosions, fire, and bullets. Rats’ health will be scaled based on the number of players there are in the match. The fewer players in the match the less health the Rats will have. AI players are also counted as players in a match.

The general fixes detailed on the patch notes include improving the dynamic resolution on next-gen consoles. The Stamina Bar setting as shown in the UI settings will be cleaned up as well. The update will fix a bug that prevented players to move after being grabbed. The devs have also fixed the bug that causes characters’ videos to get locked after an update.

Other things listed on the patch notes are fixing bugs that were making it difficult to progress in levels, fixing gameplay crashes, and fixing connectivity issues.

World War Z game is based on the zombie apocalypse novel of the same name. The game was originally released on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in April 2019. Aftermath is an upgraded version of the game that includes new content. Aftermath was released on September 21.