Foodie Starfield Player Recreates Entire Chunks Menu In Real-Life

If you’ve ever wanted to eat at Chunks, Starfield’s weird cube-obsessed restaurant, Kat of Whimsy has you covered.

Starfield Foodie Kat of Whimsy recreated the Chunks menu in real life.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Exploring in Starfield is hungry-making work, and whether you’re in New Atlantis, Neon Ebbside, or Akila City, Chunks is there to keep your belly full and your body fueled. Starfield’s signature dining experience offers a variety of cube-shaped dishes for weary travelers. Whether you’re after an Apple with four edges, a square of Mongolian Beef, or a boxy Poached Egg, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

It’s a borderline offensive way to prepare food, but that hasn’t stopped one curious chef from giving it a go. She didn’t stop at the food offerings either, as her dining experience also includes some delicious Cola Zero as well as a nice gelatinous Cabernet Rouge to complement the main dishes.

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Starfield Streamer Brings Chunks Menu to Sol IRL

The Chunks Restaurant menu in Starfield.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Kat of Whimsy (formerly c0smikat) is a Twitch streamer who combines a love of food and video games in her streams. She’s made some unbelievable desserts that are inspired by games like Fall Guys, Among Us, and more, but this elaborate Chunks recreation absolutely takes the cake.

Not only is everything delightfully squared, but it looks about as close as you can get to the in-game product as well. The full plate shows off the Baked Potato, Poached Egg, Grilled Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Cheesesteak, Secret Sauce, Red Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie, and Chocolate. The aforementioned drinks, Cola Zero and Cabernet Rouge, sit off to the side, pulling the whole meal together with a real chef’s touch.

For a closer look at the meal, you can either catch the original VOD of its creation over on Twitch or check out the showcase video, as it shows off so much more detail in her crafty creation.

We can’t recommend anyone actually consume their food this way, but there’s no question that Kat makes it look just as appetizing as it should after a long day of shooting down Serpent-worshipping zealots that just won’t leave us alone.