Football Manager 2019: Pre-Release Beta Available Today

The release of Football Manager 2019, or FM19 for short, is only mere weeks away. For budding managers who can’t wait to get started, however, SEGA is opening up the public pre-release beta today for everyone who has pre-ordered.

Anyone who has pre-purchased FM19 from a SEGA approved digital retailer can now log into Steam and launch the Beta from their Steam library. You won’t need to do anything extra; it should just show up in your list of owned games.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, but want to get into the beta, you can still do so at any time between now and the official release on November 2.

The beta is a near-complete version of Football Manager 2019, but SEGA warns that there may be a few bugs present. Online play is enabled, but there will be no access to the Steam Workshop, nor the pre-game or in-game editors until the game’s full release. Careers started during the beta will carry through to the final version of the game, meaning none of your time spent during the beta will be wasted.

FM19 introduces a slew of new features to the series, including overhauled training, new tactical options, a tutorial mode for inexperienced managers, and SEGA has finally added the Bundesliga under an official license.

Football Manager 2019 will be released on November 2 via Steam for PC and Mac. Mobile and Touch versions for your tablet and phone will also be available on that day.