Football Manager 21.2.2 update patch notes

Sports Interactive address some big issues in the latest patch.

Football Manager 21.2.2 update patch notes

Image via Steam

Sports Interactive has released a new patch for Football Manager 2021.

Despite being a minor update, the patch brings some welcome bug fixes and tweaks to the soccer management sim title. In a Steam hub community post, Sports Interactive revealed what changes would be addressed in the 21.2.2 patch, and fans will be happy with two in particular.

Player ratings in the match engine, which had been considered too low for some positions, have been tweaked. Notable content creators, including DoctorBenjyFM, had complained that full-backs and wingers — especially those playing a 4-4-2 formation — weren’t receiving scores that reflected their good performances.

Another big change sees a bug fix for the incorrect loan total issue that had plagued some users. Loan stars are beneficial for lower league clubs, but a glitch had prevented some FM players from bringing in the maximum amount of loan players that they were allowed.

The full patch notes, including a couple of fixes for FM 21 Touch edition, can be viewed below.

Stability and Technical

  • Performance improvements related to upscaling on high resolution displays
  • Fix for change resolution confirmation popup not working correctly


  • Addressed players not staying in senior squad when being moved from other squads

Match Engine 21.5.0

  • Tweaks to address player ratings being too low

Competitions and Rule Groups

  • Retroactive fix for multiple home or away matches against same team in English Premier Division
  • Retroactive fix for Israeli squad numbers being reset
  • Fix for some foreign players being incorrectly counted as naturalised players in China
  • Improvements to AI logic on foreign player registration in China
  • User no longer being told they are maxing out loaning total incorrectly

Football Manager Touch Specific

  • Fix for crash occurring when transfer window opens
  • Importing of FM exported teams into Football Manager Touch for versus mode now working correctly