For Honor Season VII Kicks Off Reigning Inferno Event


If you’re looking for an extra challenge in For Honor, you’re in for a treat. Ubisoft has announced that the Season VII: Storm and Fury event Reigning Inferno is now live and will remain active until August 30th.

In Reigning Inferno, players can participate in a new time-limited game mode called Infernal Dominion.

The fury of Mt. Ignis has changed the face of the battlefield, setting the environment ablaze and choking the sky with ash. In the limited-time Infernal Dominion mode, when zones are contested, a ring of fire ignites, forcing players to choose between a close-quarters fight to the death, or take massive burn damage as they risk crossing the flames.

For the fashionable heroes in For Honor, the Reigning Inferno event includes not only limited-time lootable rewards such as fire-themed weapons, outfits, and ornaments but also new mask outfits and emotes. All of these items are only available during the event which will conclude on August 30th.

For players that haven’t tried For Honor yet, it can now be had for free as part of the Xbox Live Games with Gold program until September 15th. Ubisoft keeps feeding new content into For Honor, giving players many reasons to return. If you do return, make sure you don’t wear anything too flammable as things are heating up in the Reigning Inferno event.