For Honor Starter Edition comes with everything you need to wreck the competition for $15


For Honor is following in Rainbow Six Siege’s footsteps by debuting a new PC Starter Edition.

Ubisoft has officially announced the entry-level version of the game, which costs just $15 and features everything new players need to get their footing in what can be an extremely challenging game. 

The Starter Edition is only available on PC and includes access to three default heroes: Kensei, Warden, and Raider. You can customize and play with all three as you like, and you’ll be rewarded with three additional heroes further down the line depending on which faction you choose to align yourself with at the start of the game. They won’t be customizable unless you recruit them by paying 8,000 Steel apiece. They’ll still be playable, however, so if you want to skip out on paying what amounts to $8 apiece, that’s an option. 

If you want to unlock the rest of the available roster, you’ll need to pay 8,000 Steel each as well, and 15,000 Steel for any post-launch heroes available after that. 

Luckily, you can grab the For Honor season pass to unlock all of the post-launch heroes or buy the All Heroes Bundle for 50,000 Steel to get all the heroes at once without having to mess with amassing that much Steel. 

The Starter Edition also includes full access to the For Honor campaign, multiplayer modes, and other systems. It’s basically like buying the complete game, with an allowance to help you get started. Ubisoft states that the idea behind it was to help expand the player base on PC. The low price with plenty of options should certainly assist in doing this.