Former BioWare general manager Casey Hudson launches new studio, new IP

Humanoid Studios currently has open spots for multiple senior positions.

Image via BioWare

After leaving BioWare this past December, Casey Hudson is forming his own studio, titled Humanoid Studios, to work on a brand new IP. Hudson was formerly a veteran of BioWare, working as the studio’s general manager before leaving.

During his years at the Bioware, Hudson was a producer and director for two of its largest franchises: Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He worked at the company from 1998 to 2004 before leaving to join Microsoft’s Xbox team. Hudson then left Microsoft and rejoined BioWare in 2017 as its vice president and general manager.

Hudson’s announcement was made via Twitter, with the CEO saying, “today we are announcing a new independent video game company built to unleash the creative freedom of developers – bringing innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP.”

Since the studio has just been founded, it is extremely barebones at the moment. Humanoid Studios’ page is extremely featureless, with a small list of open positions for senior gameplay programmers, designers, creative directors, and more. A small description found in each position’s posting says that the studio has a “flat organizational structure” with “small, agile teams.” Naturally, there are no details on whatever new IP Hudson has built Humanoid Studios to work on.