Former CD Projekt Red Devs Announced New Blank. Game Studio

Former Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 developers created Blank. to develop ambitious stories while promoting a healthy work-life balance.


Image via Blank.

A team of former CD Projekt Red developers that have worked on The Witcher games and Cyberpunk 2077 have formally announced an ambitious new game studio: Blank. The team sees it as a fresh slate to work from a creative perspective.

The developers who co-founded Blank. are Mateusz Kanik and Jędrzej Mróz, and Marcin Jefimow joins them as the team’s executive producer and Mikołaj Marchewka as the managing director. Although the team is in the early stages of game development, they already have some ideas they want to tackle and provide a small hint at what they plan to release in the future.

Blank.’s Vision Focuses on Novel Territory for Future Games

Blank. Team
Image via Blank.

The team behind Blank. will be pulling away from the traditional ground that’s already been covered by other game studios, wanting to try untraditional storytelling conventions. Having spent so many years working within the larger game studio environment, the team is looking forward to trying out new territories that they normally would not have had the chance to explore before.

When discussing the formation of Blank. co-founder Jefimow shared how they want to share tales from their own stories and experiences and build a space where they can honor histories while being playful. Wanting to lean into a highly collaborative culture, rather than using crunch as their big focus, the team hopes to strike a healthy work-life balance for everyone working on their projects.

For the first game Blank. is working on, the team has teased that it takes place in an apocalyptic world. This will be a character-driven piece of work, and outside of these two little tidbits, the team has not shared much else on this ambitious project. We can expect to hear something in the future as Blank. become ready to share more intricate details on the project.

Because the team at Blank. are in the early stages of their project, it is likely new information won’t be revealed for several months, or even not for another year or two until they draw closer to their finished project. We’re looking forward to seeing what they can produce based on their previous experiences and how they can use them to develop the meaningful, human stories they want to tell at their studio.