Fortnite: Battle Royale’s 3.2 update focuses on bug fixes, quality of life improvements


Server downtime has begun while update 3.2 is applied for Fortnite: Battle Royale, but Epic Games has posted its patch notes in the meantime.

This update is not content-heavy, as Epic instead has “honed in on performance and quality of life changes, addressing many of the minor issues that have surfaced from the last few patches.”

There are a number of bug fixes in the update, including issues with the hunting rifle’s accuracy. The new gun will now use perfect accuracy when aiming and not moving, although hip-firing remains unchanged. The reticle UI will no longer be mismatched, either.

Epic also fixed a nasty little bug that sometimes caused an inventory slot to be unusable, effectively limiting the amount of slots a player could have. In a game like Fortnite, this is especially unlucky, so it’s a happy day to see that issue fixed.

Image via Epic Games

As far as content goes in this update, a new skin called Burnout is now available, and there’s a new pickaxe with it. The rest of the new stuff in 3.2 is all about Teams of 20, the new limited time mode.

Teams of 20 has a few differences from the main game mode, including less storm circles. There will be six storm circles instead of the usual nine, which will effectively shave maximum match time down from 25 minutes to 23.

The map screen will show the total number of players alive on each team, as well as show every single teammate, displayed in green. There’s an increased chance for treasure chests and ammo boxes to spawn, and supply drops always come in batches of five, instead of varying amounts per circle.