Fortnite: Battle Royale’s 3.3 update adds Supply Llamas, Remote Explosives, and a new limited time mode


Another week means another new update for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Epic Games is once again keeping up its incredible pace of consistent improvements to the popular title.

The two main additions to the game this time around are Supply Llamas and Remote Explosives, and they will both immediately change things up in the front-end of the game once the servers go back up after its maintenance downtime.

Supply Llamas are another form of loot in the game, and they are scattered randomly around the map. Looting them like you would a chest or an ammo can will yield items to help you obtain another victory royale.

Remote Explosives are of the Rare rarity, and can be found in the new llamas, as well as chests, as floor loot, or in supply drops. They are held in stacks of four and you can hold a maximum of 10. They work just like you imagine they would. They can be thrown and then detonated remotely.

A new limited time mode is also coming with the patch, and it’s called Blitz. This mode won’t be live until March 19, but it’s all about shorter storm times resulting in much faster and more intense matches. The match will begin with the storm circle already closing in over the island, and loot availability has been increased across the board.

On the bug fix side of things, Epic has fixed a quite annoying glitch that was making stairs rotate unintentionally, as well as a bug that caused gunfire and other sounds to play at louder volume than usual.