Future Fortnite backpacks have been datamined from today’s update


With today’s inclusion of jetpacks in Fortnite: Battle Royale, a new gameplay element has been introduced which can change how the game is played from here on out.

It appears that jetpacks were just the beginning, though. A new datamine by TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter has found a bunch of new Backpacks that might be coming to the game over the next few weeks or months.

Backpacks are found in the game world and equipped as a regular inventory item, taking up one of the five slots that players hold. The Backpack replaces the back bling on the player’s back, but disappears once it’s gone.

A new “BackPacks” folder in the game files shows just what could be coming. The files include a “BoostJumpPack,” “CarminePack,” “EyeOfTheStorm,” “Glider,” “GliderPack,” “IntelPack,” “MedicPack,” “MissileBattery,” and “TestPack.”

The Eye of the Storm pack was accidentally added into the game and quickly patched out this morning. That Backpack showed the person who equipped it where the next storm circle would be, giving them a tactical advantage.

It appears that Backpacks will be added and taken out of the game as limited time items, so there will only be one type of Backpack available at any given time. While Jetpacks are available now, they could be replaced very soon with one of these other items.