Epic Games outlines its plans to improve Fortnite: Battle Royale, including adding 60fps to console versions


Epic Games has unveiled some plans for the future of Fortnite: Battle Royale in a new “State of Development” blog, and it’s full of lots of exciting information.

Excitingly, later this month, the console versions of the game will add an optional 60fps mode “tuned for each console to maximize framerate while minimizing loss of visual quality.”

Numerous additional updates are on the radar for Epic, but first and foremost is continued fixes for service stability issues and optimizations. After running into problems once the game hit a whopping 3.4 million concurrent players last weekend, the developer knows it needs to improve things for when the servers get overloaded again.

Image via Epic Games

New skins and art-related additions are coming, too, such as a new Llama Unicorn Pickaxe (above), which was actually thought up by a Reddit user. New player skins that change more of the player model are in the works as well.

There are also plans to improve the game’s Social infrastructure, such as adding Facebook integration so you can invite friends directly from the social network, with more networks to follow.

Epic has no less than five Limited Time Modes in the works for the next month or so. These include Blitz Mode (shorter matches), drop into the first circle, less time between circles, team sizes in between 50-vs-50, and 50-vs-50 version 2.0. The latter’s return will include more supply drops, the ability to see all your squadmates on the map, a bus for each team, and being split up to start.

In general, it seems like Epic has a great grasp on what the community likes and is interested in, as well as a tireless desire to continue to improve on what is already a great game that has taken the internet by storm.