Fortnite: Battle Royale’s map is getting a bunch of new locations in next week’s update


Epic Games has outlined the changes coming to the Fortnite: Battle Royale map next week in a new developer update.

A bunch of new points of interest and even a brand-new city are coming in the next update, as well as quality of life changes and general updates.

“So we’ve got a map update coming up with a bunch of new points of interest including the city, as well as a bunch of new named areas on the west side of the map,” lead systems designer Eric Williamson said. “We felt that it was a little bit light on points of interest so we wanted to kind of even the island out and make it feel like there were more locations to drop into.”

It’s indeed true that the current iteration of the map in the game is somewhat empty on the west or left side of the island. These changes should hopefully balance out the loot and give players different places to visit.

“We’ve also separated the map into more clearly defined, what we call, biomes,” said Williamson. “The swamp feels swampier, the mountains feel more mountain-y, really the different areas of the map feel more unique.”

Williamson also confirmed that the Christmas trees and the chests underneath them will be leaving the game in the next update as well.

An exact date for the update was not given other than “next week,” so stay tuned for more information about the patch and when it’s due to drop.